WordFoto is an iApp ($1.99) with a lot of potential for creative minds.  The app allows the user to either take a picture or load a photo from the device’s Photo Gallery.  Once loaded, the designer can then crop the picture if necessary.  The main appeal, however, is adding words to the picture.  There are sets of words already provided, or a creative mind can provide his or her own.  You can also choose the style by selecting from different themes or creating your own.  In addition, there are some fine-tuning tools to tweak things a bit more.  Below you will find an example of an original photo by one of my 4th graders, and her interpretation using WordFoto.

Original Photo
WordFoto Version

Thanks to Laura Moore, who first brought this app to my attention in her blog!  Be sure to check out her post for ideas on how to use WordFoto in the classroom.

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  1. redplace – I love to rant and rave about a number of things. It could be anything, I may take you by surprise. Or not, simply based on your level weird-o-ness. I'm a curious person. And the new, old exciting and the absolutely cool fascinates the shit out of me. So, I may do some serious blogging. Be prepared. You have been warned.
    redplace says:

    May have to try this one out, it looks really good. Thanks for sharing :-]

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