S.C.A.M.P.E.R. the Holidays Redux

UPDATE 12/14/2020: If you are looking for more holiday ideas, here is my new Winter Holidays Wakelet that I will be continually updating throughout December.  I also just posted a S.C.A.M.P.E.R. Through Winter Jamboard that you can access here.

Last week, I posted about one of my creative thinking packs that I like to use around this time of year.  You can learn more here.  I have been using the first two pages (“Substitute” and “Combine”) with my 1st through 5th graders during the last week, and it’s been a kick to see their unique ideas, particularly for the “Substitute” page.  The directions for that one are to design a snowman made out of something other than snow.  I have to share some of their results!

A snowman made of clocks – with watches as the hands!
How about a snowman made from car parts – with nuts and bolts falling from the sky instead of snow?
Lego Man!
Soda cans – mine would be all Diet Coke!
DNA Man! (Microscopic, of course!)
And one of my personal favorites from a 1st grader – “Frosting the Snowman”, made from cake frosting!

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