The Art of Kyle Bean

"What Came First?" by Kyle Bean
“What Came First?” by Kyle Bean

Joe Hanson featured Kyle Bean’s “Brains” on It’s Okay to Be Smart – not his actual brains, of course – and I knew it would make a great Fun Friday post.  When I visited Bean’s website, however, I found so many other works of art that I could tie into my curriculum, I had to take notes.  Here are some of the links and my ideas…

Brains – what other objects could you use? (that’s toothpaste in the first one!!!)

Stick Insects – make matchstick art of their own

Mobile Evolution (this is a fabulous graphic representation of Kaplan’s “Change over Time”!)

Interconnected Senses – what other systems could be represented this way?

The Sea of Time – assign students to represent an idiom with 3d objects

The Future of Books – have students design other futuristic hybrids

Paper Plane – they will just think this is cool!

The Science of Play I think this is cool!

10 Ideas – great graphic to show when you want students to make a “Top 10” list – like “Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists” 😉

Pencil Shaving Portraits – make your own (maybe a Mother’s Day gift?)

What Came First – what else can we sculpture with eggshells (thoroughly sanitized, of course)?


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