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Bo and Yana robots from Play-i
Bo and Yana robots from Play-i

Okay, I’m going to admit it right now.  I really want Bo and Yana.  The only reason I’m not featuring these guys in my “Gifts for the Gifted” series is that the earliest you will be able to receive either one is the Summer of 2014, which is a bit late for this holiday season. However, if anyone is looking to get me a gift for Independence Day, go ahead and put this on the list.

Bo and Yana are being offered by Play-i through a crowd-funding campaign, and the project has already met its goal.  But there are still 20 days left (as of today, Nov. 6th) for you to reserve one or both of these little guys.  Check out the video on Play-i’s site to find out more about these robots designed to help your child learn how to program with the benefit of a tablet interface or with Scratch or Blockly.

Play-i states that their mission is to “make programming fun and accessible for every child.”  I like that they show commitment to this promise by including an option for donors to contribute to a fund for low-income students to get access to their products.  What I also notice is that their video has several girls in it.  And, I am guessing that is by design because they feature this infographic on their blog:

How Girls Hold Themselves Back from Pursuing Computer Science [INFOGRAPHIC]This infographic by Play-i. Play-i is creating a programmable robot that teaches computer science to kids ages 5+ in a fun, accessible way. To get updates, sign up here.

I like what Play-i is trying to do, and I hope that they will be successful in their mission.

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