Tidbits from TCEA 2016

My days spent at #TCEA16 last week were motivating and extremely inspiring.  This week, I would like to select a few highlights to share with you. Today, I have a hodgepodge of some of the interesting things I learned that were new to me at the conference.

  • Some note-taking mind mapping tools from Richard Byrne: Text2Mindmap, Timeline JS, and RealTime Board
  • If you haven’t tried Seesaw yet for student portfolios, many speakers highly recommended it.  It also has Google Classroom integration (I’ve been waiting b/c I want to see if it’s right for our school, and I don’t want to ask parents to subscribe to one more thing until I think it’s a good long-term solution.)
  • Chromaholics Anonymous from Jim Holland and Kenny Pinkerton offers a ton of tips and tricks for using the Chrome browser.
  • From Leslie FisherEdPuzzle allows you to include open-ended questions with the videos. GoFormative allows students to respond on a whiteboard and supports Google Classroom.  Appear.in is great for video conferencing using a link or app on mobile devices, and up to 8 people can participate.

For more things I learned at TCEA 2016, check out these posts from earlier this week:

Bring People Together

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