I don’t really understand magnets.  I thought I did.  But now I know that what I thought I knew I really didn’t know.  In fact, I’m kind of questioning all of my scientific knowledge at this moment.

Polymagnets are impossible for me to explain even though I’ve watched this video from “Smarter Every Day” twice.  I’m just going to say that they are amazing, and you should watch the video all the way through.  Then you should go to the Polymagnets website and design your own smart magnet.  After you do all of that, come back here to the comments section and help me understand what’s going on with these crazy magnets.

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  1. aerobret – San Antonio, TX – I'm a multi-disciplinary engineer, project manager, innovation champion, book author & publisher, musician... basically a passionate creator for meaningful stuff.
    aerobret says:

    Wow! This is truly remarkable and awesome. I’ve shared the video with others too. Thanks for finding and passing along! Truly a disruptive innovation for magnets.

    1. Terri Eichholz – Terri is a curriculum and tech integration specialist, speaker, and author with a passion for engaging and empowering learners. She delivers engaging professional learning, consultations on a variety of educational needs, and professional articles for various outlets . Find out more about Terri on the About page in the site menu.
      engagetheirminds says:

      Thanks! I have a feeling you understand it much more than I do!

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