Kids Philosophy Slam 2017

Is the pen mightier than the sword?  I think you may guess where I side when it comes to that question – but it’s how our students feel that matters to the folks at the Kids Philosophy Slam.  Students from K-12 are invited to submit their responses to the prompt by March 10, 2017.  You can read about the rules for each category here.

If you are looking for resources on philosophy to use with your students, “Teaching Children Philosophy” may be a great place to start.  For this particular topic, you might want to try the “Ethics” page.

With older students, you might want to introduce the topic with this attention-grabbing Geico commercial:

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  1. Thank you for sharing Terri! I’m excited about this topic especially in today’s climate with our President Elect tweeting (the modern day pen). I’m curious to see what my kiddos say.

    1. Terri Eichholz – Terri is a curriculum and tech integration specialist, speaker, and author with a passion for engaging and empowering learners. She delivers engaging professional learning, consultations on a variety of educational needs, and professional articles for various outlets . Find out more about Terri on the About page in the site menu.
      engagetheirminds says:

      I have a feeling the Philosophy Slam staff were thinking about the same connections as you when they decided on this year’s topic! I am curious to see what my students think as well. BTW, have you seen this post:

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