InSpace Subscription Winners

Last week, I wrote about a new company called InSpace that is reframing how virtual conferencing can look in education. After I published the post, I was notified that InSpace would offer two free subscriptions to educators who want to try it out. Using a random generator add-on for Google Sheets, I chose the lucky winners today from those who submitted forms. In a fun coincidence, it looks like they are both from the same district in Fargo, ND. So, congratulations to:

Stacy A. and Julia W.!!!!!!!!

My contact at InSpace will be getting in touch with you soon with details.

Thanks to those of you who entered. I know this is a hard time to consider trying something new, so I appreciate all of you trailblazers out there! It’s because of you that education gets better and better every year.

Image by AxxLC from Pixabay

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  1. That is such amazing news as I am in love with InSpace! Thank you for sharing the great news!!!!! I will put this to good use for sure! I appreciate all your amazing blog ideas and my students love the ideas I put to use in my GT programming!

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    1. Terri Eichholz – Terri is a curriculum and tech integration specialist, speaker, and author with a passion for engaging and empowering learners. She delivers engaging professional learning, consultations on a variety of educational needs, and professional articles for various outlets . Find out more about Terri on the About page in the site menu.
      engagetheirminds says:

      I’m so glad you like InSpace. I think it has so much potential! Thank you for your kind comment and being a reader. I have a special place in my heart for GT teachers!

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