Engage Their Minds

Educational Consulting


The mission of Engage Their Minds is to encourage educators to challenge and empower their students. Terri Eichholz, an educator with 29 years of experience in grades K-12, offers professional development, resources, and recommendations for integration of educational technology materials.


Professional Development

I will work with teachers virtually or face-to-face on topics including but not restricted to: Gifted and Talented Education, Design Thinking, STEM/STEAM, Educational Technology Integration.

Educational Technology

I provide consulting and content to Educational Technology firms, and have experience piloting new programs. I will also work with educational institutions to identify appropriate classroom technology.


I can write (or supplement) curriculum based on your framework, or using such well-known plans as Universal Design for Learning or Understanding by Design. I specialize in differentiating for advanced learners.


My name is Terri Eichholz, and I am an educator with 29 years of classroom experience from K-12. I specialize in Gifted and Talented Education, Maker Education, Ed Tech Integration, and STEAM. I’ve worked for SAISD and NEISD in San Antonio, Texas, and currently consult, conduct professional development, and write articles about education.


The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.

— Alexandra Trenfor

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

— Joseph Chilton Pierce

Gifts for the Gifted

In November and December of each year, I post gift ideas for great products for children.  I started calling it my “Gifts for the Gifted” series since I teach elementary gifted students.  However, I would recommend these gifts for any child (based on his or her interests, of course).

I do not get paid to promote these products, though I sometimes receive free samples to try.  You can find links below to the lists from this year and past years.  You may also want to look at my Games and Toys Pinterest Board.

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