Polar 3D Printer

I am not, by any means, an expert in 3D printers.  I’ve used two different printers in my life.  The first, which was an amazing introduction to 3D printing, worked extremely well for a couple of months.   However, it has been out of commission this school year with various issues, and we are hopefully getting a … Continue reading Polar 3D Printer

Using 3D Printers in the Classroom

In yesterday’s post about purchasing 3d printers for schools, I maintained that these printers shouldn’t be bought for the sake of having the latest and greatest technology on your campus.  If you are going to add one to your inventory, it should be with the purpose of enhancing student learning – not merely as a … Continue reading Using 3D Printers in the Classroom

Thinking About Buying a 3D Printer for your Classroom?

Are you thinking about buying a 3D printer for your school or classroom?  Before you buy something that could turn into a very expensive paperweight, I recommend you consider these factors. How is a 3D printer going to enhance your curriculum?  Are you going to buy it first and explore the possibilities, or do you … Continue reading Thinking About Buying a 3D Printer for your Classroom?

3D Stanley

The long-suffering Flat Stanley no longer has to endure the indignation of postal journeys.  Karen Bosch and her students have developed a 21st century solution to Stanley’s travel woes.  They created 3D Stanley’s!  Download one of the .stl files from their site, and print the “Stanley” of your choice with your school’s 3d printer. Then take … Continue reading 3D Stanley

3d Printed Mandalas

My 4th grade gifted class is learning about mathematical masterpieces, talking about the symbolism of the circle, and discussing immortality as we read Tuck Everlasting.  I usually integrate a short project on mandalas as a culminating activity during this time of year, since their symbolism fits so well with the other facets of our study. … Continue reading 3d Printed Mandalas

The 3d Printing Revolution is Just Beginning

I have zero vision.  When I first heard about 3d printers, I thought, “Isn’t that what factory machines do?  What’s the big deal?”  (I’m also the person who thought drones were just fancy versions of remote control airplanes.) If you are as skeptical as I was, here are a few articles and videos that might change … Continue reading The 3d Printing Revolution is Just Beginning