3d printed boat
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Rob’s Tinkercad Classroom

More free design ideas for Tinkercad from the innovative Rob Morrill

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Use Tinkerhunts from Mike Harmon, @HLTinkercad to get students familiar with #Tinkercad and #3dDesign #STEM #STEAM #DTK12

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Scan the World

One of the fabulous things about 3d printing is that so many files are open source and freely available on the internet. You can download the .stl, put it through whatever your preferred slicing software is (such as Cura or the one that came with your 3d printer), and you have your own version. Now,… Continue reading Scan the World

positive diverse children in astronaut costumes in studio
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Astronauts Zoom!

Update 1/10/2023: Astronauts Zoom! will launch to the space station in February 2023 for Story Time From Space! I’m excited to announce a new nonfiction book by Deborah Lee Rose, author of Scientists Get Dressed and co-author of Beauty and the Beak. The latter will always be near and dear to my heart because Rose first… Continue reading Astronauts Zoom!

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Journey to City X: Adventures in Engineering for Kids

City X: a book to help you introduce young students to Design Thinking

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3d Printed Lithophanes

I asked a couple of people on Twitter if I could share their projects today.  I have been fascinated watching them post pictures of their 3d printed lithophanes.  In the past, lithophanes were traditionally etched in thin, translucent porcelain that revealed the artwork when backlit.  3d printing technology, however, allows for lithophanes to be created… Continue reading 3d Printed Lithophanes