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Digital curation is probably 60% of my working life. I spend a lot of time combing the web and social media for helpful resources for educators. I’ve used a combination of several curation tools over the years, including Pocket and Flipboard, and still use them. However, I may have a new favorite in Wakelet. Pocket… Continue reading Wakelet

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Punny Literary Pet Names

Coming back to posting on a regular basis means that I am restarting my “Phun Phriday” posts, which are silly-and-not-necessarily-educational-but-they-could-be things that I’ve found on the web.  I curate these in a private Flipboard magazine that I turn to whenever I need a laugh.  Today’s entry comes from McSweeney’s.  It’s an article called, “Literary Pet Names… Continue reading Punny Literary Pet Names

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The Rubik’s Cube Revolution

I have a private magazine on Flipboard where I save all of the weird things that might make future Phun Phriday posts.  When I see a few that seem to fit a theme, I curate them for you.  They are not necessarily educational – just random stories that catch my eye. It’s a mystery to… Continue reading The Rubik’s Cube Revolution

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Riddikulus Stuff

I am a huge fan of all things Harry Potter. When I was hunting around my Flipboard magazines for this weeks “Frivolous Friday” post, I realized I had “flipped” quite a few Harry Potter items of interest.  So, I’ve curated the recent ones for you. Magical Objects of the Wizarding World Poster Butterbeer Hot Chocolate… Continue reading Riddikulus Stuff

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This One’s for the Books

I decided to go with a book theme for this week’s Phun Phriday post, as I noticed this seemed to be a trend in the articles I was saving to my Flipboard magazine lately.  Here are some clever literary creations I’ve collected: In Jane Mount’s Etsy shop, you will find hand-made enamel book pins of… Continue reading This One’s for the Books

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Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile) is a free app, available on iTunes and Google Play.  The name of the game is pretty self-explanatory.  As black and white tiles fall down the screen, your job is to tap the black tiles only.  The black tiles will make the sounds of music notes as you… Continue reading Piano Tiles