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I intended to spend this week posting about what I have learned at ISTE, but I came across this site last night, and could not wait to share it.  It combines quite a few of the educational topics that are near and dear to my heart: creativity, self-designed learning, gamifying the classroom, and even programming… Continue reading Gamekit

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Everyone’s a Critic

I’ve pretty much decided that, if I ever stop working at my current school, my next career stop would be The Institute of Play.  How could a place with that name not be a fun place to work?  These are the people who brought us Gamestar Mechanic, Gamekit, and SimCityEdu (which I haven’t tried, yet, but… Continue reading Everyone’s a Critic

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Game Day!

Depending on your perspective, today’s post title may elicit different pictures.  For those of you interested in sports, I am sorry to say that this has very little to do with football – at least not directly.  However, the beauty of these resources is that you can make the theme of your game whatever you… Continue reading Game Day!