7 hexagons that each have a picture of world masterpiece
K-12, Teaching Tools

Pictorial Hexagons for Hexagonal Thinking

Use Pictorial Hexagons to introduce a unit or topic to your class in a different way!

black and white carbon pattern

Getting to Know You Hexagons for Back to School

How about using hexagonal thinking for a #BacktoSchool activity? Get to know your students and help them make connections with one of these simple templates!

Hexagonal Tile
3-12, Creative Thinking, Language Arts, Writing

Hexagonal Thinking and Poetry

Here are some ideas for using Hexagonal Thinking during April, National Poetry Month.

Critical Thinking, K-12, Universal Design for Learning, Writing

More Hexagonal Thinking Ideas

There are endless ways to use Hexagonal Thinking in your classroom! Here are some examples, and even a time-saving suggestion for using AI!

3-12, Creative Thinking, Teaching Tools

“Hex-Blocks of Respect”: Creating a Social Contract using Hexagonal Thinking

With a little help from Chat GPT and a fun prompt for creativity, you, too, can create a hexagonal thinking activity for Back to School that makes a routine task more engaging!