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Getting to Know You Hexagons for Back to School

How about using hexagonal thinking for a #BacktoSchool activity? Get to know your students and help them make connections with one of these simple templates!

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Formative Assessment with Hexagonal Learning

Even though I’ve already mentioned Hexagonal Learning a couple of other times on this blog, it definitely bears repeating.  If you want to listen to your students having rich conversations about a topic and to discover how well they understand something they have read or that you have taught, this activity will deliver.  And, although… Continue reading Formative Assessment with Hexagonal Learning

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When my students do a Hexagonal Learning activity, one of the groups of hexagons I usually use includes the themes of the story we are discussing.  However, I have always struggled with how to help students identify the themes.  It is difficult for them to discern the difference between theme and main idea.  Yesterday, I… Continue reading Theme

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Hexagonal Learning with Tuck Everlasting

When you can give students time to deeply discuss a text, you may be surprised by the connections and conclusions they make on their own.  This is the purpose of “Hexagonal Learning.”  You can read more about the origins and many uses of Hexagonal Learning in a blog post I wrote 4 years ago on the… Continue reading Hexagonal Learning with Tuck Everlasting


Using Hexagonal Thinking Virtually

One of my top favorite ways to encourage deep thinking among my students has been to use Hexagonal Thinking. I have written about it several times on this blog because I always so impressed with the discussions I hear in small groups when we use this strategy. Here are some of the previous posts I’ve… Continue reading Using Hexagonal Thinking Virtually

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Odds and Ends for Wrapping up the School Year

Here are some out-of-the-box ways to end your #School year that are engaging and fun.