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Revisiting Makey Makey

Makey Makey for STEM, STEAM and Design Thinking

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Makey Makey Book Tasting

So I’m not saying that I decided to follow Barb Seaton (@barb_seaton) because she has a bulldog in her profile picture – but it is definitely evidence that we are kindred spirits. Since I know there are many librarians who follow this blog, I wanted to share Barb’s recent tweet about a Makey Makey Book… Continue reading Makey Makey Book Tasting

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Coding with Poetry

Read about one of the new tutorials for Hour of Code that teaches how to combine computer science and writing poetry!

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Makey Makey Exit Ticket/Data Tracker

Colleen Graves (@gravescolleen) shared some pictures on Twitter a few days ago that showed prototypes she was making of a library data tracker and a classroom exit ticket tracker.  Both use the Makey Makey along with some minimal Scratch programming.  I begged for some more details, and she has released the instructions here. (That sentence… Continue reading Makey Makey Exit Ticket/Data Tracker

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Gifts for the Gifted – Bare Conductive Touch Board

 A few years ago, I thought I would help out the parents of my gifted and talented students by writing about some games, toys, or books that I thought might make good purchases during the holiday season.  I called the series of posts, “Gifts for the Gifted,” and I have continued to do it annually on every… Continue reading Gifts for the Gifted – Bare Conductive Touch Board

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My Brain on Open-Ended Projects

Thanks to some inspiration on Twitter from Jessica Hirsch (@jhirschcusd), I thought it would be a neat idea to have my 4th grade gifted students try to create Makey Makey Operation games with shapes.  (They are on a Geometry unit in their regular classrooms, so this seemed like a good time to try it.)  As… Continue reading My Brain on Open-Ended Projects