Scratch Your Itch to Learn Programming

Yesterday I mentioned the free online course being offered by Mitch Resnick and his colleagues at the M.I.T. Media Lab called, “Learning Creative Learning.”  It starts today, so check out my post if you are interested – no registration required! Mitch Resnick, of course, is one of the creators of Scratch, a great (and also … Continue reading Scratch Your Itch to Learn Programming

Programming Without a Computer

I’m finally introducing my third graders to programming.  We are studying systems thinking this year, and I feel like computer programming fits right into this. This group has not been exposed to programming, yet.  So, I thought I would use a fun activity suggested by Kodable in its Learning Guide to get the ball rolling. … Continue reading Programming Without a Computer

Next Year Will Be Even Better – Programming for Kids

For many of us, at least in the United States, another school year is over.  Even as we eagerly embark on our rejuvenation journeys for the summer, you might be thinking, as I am, of new ideas for the next school year.  This week, I would like to share some of the improvements I hope … Continue reading Next Year Will Be Even Better – Programming for Kids

The Benefits of Teaching Programming

I know this is a topic that is getting a bit repetitious on my blog, but I really can’t emphasize enough how important I think it is that we offer programming to our students at an early age.  This article from MindShift, explains how learning programming has far-reaching effects, and should not be reserved for … Continue reading The Benefits of Teaching Programming

More Ideas for Programming for Kids

In the past, I have posted about some options for kids that are available to help them learn about programming:   Codecademy and the iOS apps Cargo-Bot and Daisy the Dinosaur.  I also briefly mentioned Gamestar Mechanic in one of my posts.  Many of my 5th graders have been using Gamestar Mechanic, which you can … Continue reading More Ideas for Programming for Kids

Computer Programming for Kids

In yesterday’s post about the iPad app, Daisy the Dinosaur, I referenced some ways to introduce kids to computer programming.  For those of you who want to pursue this further, I thought you might like this post by Marshall Brain, “Teaching Your Kids How to Write Computer Programs”.  This is a fairly detailed summary of … Continue reading Computer Programming for Kids