Spatial Puzzles

While searching for ways to help my engineering students develop some desperately needed problem-solving stamina and spatial reasoning, I came across these wonderful puzzles that are in color – and provide solutions. (Did I mention I need to practice my spatial reasoning, too?)  I gave them the TED Ed River Crossing Riddle last week, and … Continue reading Spatial Puzzles

Spatial Reasoning

Some of the tests that students can take in their quest to qualify for gifted services require spatial reasoning.  I am frequently astounded by the performance of some students on these tests as they whip through the pages at lightning speed, ending up with nearly perfect scores.  Spatial reasoning has never been my strong suit, and … Continue reading Spatial Reasoning

Gifts for the Gifted 2018

Here is this year’s list!  For previous lists, check out the my archive here.  You can also look on this Pinterest Board for gift ideas. Disruptus – a game that encourages creativity for all ages Turing Tumble – a fantastic representation of how computers work all wrapped up in a challenging game Laser Chess – a 2-player game that … Continue reading Gifts for the Gifted 2018

Google Expeditions AR

I was a bit disappointed and, yes, a lot jealous, when our school wasn’t chosen to try out the Google Expeditions VR program as it traveled to different cities around the U.S.  I had tried Expeditions at some technology conferences and thought our students would enjoy the unique experience. With virtual reality, students wear “Google … Continue reading Google Expeditions AR

Are Leprechauns Real?

My Kinder students have made leprechaun traps for the last few years, and it always amuses me as they get older and sadly reminisce that they didn’t catch any leprechauns.  I’m never quite sure who is fooling who – are they just trying to make me believe that they believe, or are we all just … Continue reading Are Leprechauns Real?