Quick – Name a Famous Female Programmer

Last year, our school Robotics club had 18 boys and 6 girls.  This year, I thought I would try to even out that ratio by using a bit of subtle persuasion.  I put a picture of the girls from last year’s Robotics team on the applications. Apparently, I was a bit too subtle. We just … Continue reading Quick – Name a Famous Female Programmer

Your Child – the Future Headliner of “Hypothesizing with the Stars”

Many attempts to encourage girls to pursue scientific careers through toys seem to follow a line of thinking that suggests that merely producing playthings in pastel purples and pinks will make them more appealing to the female gender.  I have addressed the questionable nature of this hypothesis in a couple of other posts. (See Goldiblox, … Continue reading Your Child – the Future Headliner of “Hypothesizing with the Stars”

More Ideas for Programming for Kids

In the past, I have posted about some options for kids that are available to help them learn about programming:   Codecademy and the iOS apps Cargo-Bot and Daisy the Dinosaur.  I also briefly mentioned Gamestar Mechanic in one of my posts.  Many of my 5th graders have been using Gamestar Mechanic, which you can … Continue reading More Ideas for Programming for Kids

S.C.A.M.P.E.R. the Holidays Redux

Last week, I posted about one of my creative thinking packs that I like to use around this time of year.  You can download the packet for free by going here.  I have been using the first two pages (“Substitute” and “Combine”) with my 1st through 5th graders during the last week, and it’s been a … Continue reading S.C.A.M.P.E.R. the Holidays Redux

Computer Programming for Kids

In yesterday’s post about the iPad app, Daisy the Dinosaur, I referenced some ways to introduce kids to computer programming.  For those of you who want to pursue this further, I thought you might like this post by Marshall Brain, “Teaching Your Kids How to Write Computer Programs”.  This is a fairly detailed summary of … Continue reading Computer Programming for Kids

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur is an iPad app that teaches basic programming to young children.  It has a Challenge Mode, in which the user is given 5 challenges that increase in difficulty, beginning with programming the dinosaur to walk forward.  In Freeplay Mode, the user can experiment with several different commands, including making Daisy grow or … Continue reading Daisy the Dinosaur