Engage Their Minds


Empowering Educators to Empower Their Students

What I Do


Professional Development for Teachers K-12, Educational Technology Consulting, and Curriculum Writing

I Consult.

I provide consulting and content to educational technology firms and other companies who want to identify appropriate classroom technology for their clients’ needs.

I Write.

I write differentiated curriculum based on your framework. In addition, I write professional educational articles and share resources, usually free, with teachers on my blog.

I Teach.

I work with teachers virtually or face-to-face on topics including but not restricted to: Gifted and Talented Education, Design Thinking, STEM, STEAM, Maker Ed, and EdTech.

My Story

My name is Terri Eichholz, and I am an educator with 29 years of classroom experience from K-12. I specialize in Gifted and Talented Education, Maker Education, Ed Tech Integration, and STEAM. I’ve worked for SAISD and NEISD in San Antonio, Texas, and currently consult, conduct professional development, and write articles about education. I enjoy engaging all students, including adults, with hands-on, student-centered learning.