Kid President: Declaration of Awesome

What do a llama, Kevin Costner, corn dogs, and Rainn Wilson all have in common? Kid President, of course! Many of you are familiar with the Kid President videos.  One of his most famous is his “Pep Talk” video, which is included on my Inspirational Videos for Students Pinterest Board.  You can view more of … Continue reading Kid President: Declaration of Awesome

Kid President

Sometimes I really feel like I live under a rock.  How have I not ever run across “Kid President” before?  This kid totally cracks me up!  First of all, take a look at the screen shot above from his website. I love his party motto, and the “Paid for by My Mom” logo.  He has … Continue reading Kid President

The Kids Need to Know

I can’t think of too many better ways to start a Phun Phriday than with a new video from Kid President.  I don’t even have to watch the video; as soon as I hear that giggle, I’m in a better mood! In Kid President’s most recent video, he asks people, especially celebrities, (and most especially … Continue reading The Kids Need to Know