Lego Female Scientist Set

UPDATE 11/6/14: This set has been sold out since this summer.  You can find pieces of it for sale, and even the whole set for an exorbitant price.  Lego states on its site that they are looking into producing more. I am really pumped about the new Lego set to be released this August, 2014! It … Continue reading Lego Female Scientist Set

Lego Mindstorms Fix the Factory App

What do you do when you have 24 students on their way to a Robotics Club meeting and you find out from a technician that your laptop hard drives have mutinied and need to be re-imaged?  If you are like me, you consider asking the technician if he would like to switch jobs for the … Continue reading Lego Mindstorms Fix the Factory App

The Magic of Chess

“Old people shouldn’t be forced to learn chess, but if they want to learn chess surely they can!  They’re allowed to,” a young girl assures the interviewer in The Magic of Chess. “Even though they could be doing something else – like playing Legos,” the young boy next to her adds. This adorable short film … Continue reading The Magic of Chess

Using Flippity for Makerspace Challenges

Although it’s great to allow students to use their imaginations, they will generally feel overwhelmed if you give them infinite choices.  For example, if you say, “Build something out of Legos,” many students will either spend most of their time figuring out what to build or attempt to build something they have already done in … Continue reading Using Flippity for Makerspace Challenges