Math Pickle

I haven’t had a chance to try this one with students, yet, but it shows great promise.  With videos of different math challenges and supporting resources for K-12, this site has great potential for allowing students to do some independent critical thinking.


This is an invaluable tool for teachers to help with differentiation for all levels.  If you click on the “Demo” at the top, you can create your own menu using “The Differentiator”.  You do not need to pay to use the demo, but there is a $20 subscription service that allows you to save your menus online.  These are brought to you by


Hello World!

Welcome to Engage Their Minds.  This blog is designed for teachers who would like to differentiate for their students in new, unique ways.  Although particularly suited for Gifted and Talented students, Engage Their Minds will have many recommendations that can be modified to use with students of many abilities.  Please feel free to give your own suggestions!

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