FlipPix Art

FlipPix Art - Kids
FlipPix Art – Kids

Well, I finally did it.  I finally found an app that is free, happens to be available on both Android and iOS, is engaging, and is educational.

FlipPixArt is based on an old Japanese logic puzzle that offers a matrix and clues about which boxes should be colored in each row and column.  By using the numbers at the top of each column and the beginning of each row, one must deduce the correct boxes to “paint” and which ones to “hammer” out of the picture.

Once the puzzle is solved, an object or animal is added to the scene at the beginning of the game.  In the free “Zoo” version, there is one scene with 36 puzzles needed to complete it.  Recently, the “Holiday” version went free (though I don’t know for how long), and it has 6 holiday scenes with 74 puzzles.  However, one of the scenes in the “Holiday” version is a bar scene, so I would not recommend it for educational purposes.  There are many other versions – including the Kids one – some are for free, and some cost.  So far, my favorite free one is the Model Plane version.  There is also a Jurassic one that is sure to appeal to some of those dinosaur enthusiasts.

This is a good app for the classroom because it allows for different players on the same device, so they can each play at their own level.  It also offers a great tutorial.  I would say that this is a good app for 3rd grade and up, though younger children can probably enjoy it with a bit of guidance.

Click here to access FlipPix Art – Zoo for Android.