Don’t Gross Out the World

Creator of, @RusselTarr, tweeted this site the other day.  My 1st graders have been studying countries around the world, and we have recently been discussing foods.  They really enjoyed “Don’t Gross Out the World,” from FunBrain because they thought many of the cultural traditions were unbelievable.  For example, how can it be true that some people think that it’s a compliment to burp loudly after a meal? Or, that asking for catsup could possibly be an insult in some countries?  I learned a few new things myself by playing this game with the class 🙂

UPDATE 5/8/18:  This site does not seem to be available any longer.  However, I found a screencast that someone made of the game that is a decent substitute.

UPDATE 3/31/21: Thanks to a comment from FunBrain, I found out the site has been brought back!  I’ve updated the link above to take you there.

Don’t Gross Out the World game from FunBrain

But Does It Taste Good?

It’s my first Phun Phriday post of 2015, and I must apologize to any of you who made a New Year’s resolution that has anything to do with dieting 😉

One of the many delectable creations posted on the anne2matthew Instagram site

I can’t attest to the yumminess of her creations, but Anne Widya’s masterpieces are definitely a work of art.  One look at her Instagram feed, and you will most likely marvel at her creativity and ask yourself two questions: “Where does she get all of these ideas?” and “Where does she find the time to do this?”

If you feel inspired to attempt one of two of these gourmet treats, you can visit Anne’s blog for recipes and instructions.

Or, you can just do what I did – show them to your daughter and say, “Don’t you wish your mom could do that with Hamburger Helper?”

Today is All About Playing With Your Food

It could be my imagination, but it seemed to me that there was a sudden influx of food-related posts on the various blogs I read this week.  I collected a few of them to share with you for my Fun Friday post today.  I’m not sure how this relates to education, really.  Sometimes I just like to revel in the creativity of others.

I found this on “It’s Okay to Be Smart”, but the original post is here at “Dashing Bean”.


You can find the instructions for making this at “She Knows.”


These yogurt fairytale paintings are a bit spooky, and I’m pretty sure they are NOT meant to be eaten!