Work with Terri

The sessions listed below are examples of past Professional Development that I have done. I can also do customized sessions based on your campus/district needs. All sessions can be presented virtually or in-person, and include interactive elements to keep participants engaged. For online courses for credit, click here.

*Terri Eichholz of Engage Their Minds LLC is an approved CPE provider for the Texas Education Agency.

Staff development can also be provided toward the 30 foundational hours needed in Texas that teachers need in order to offer gifted and talented services, as well as the 6 hour annual renewal courses in: The Nature and Needs of Gifted/Talented Students, Assessing Student Needs, and Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Students.

In this 2 hour session, teachers will see how the Visible Thinking Routines from Harvard’s Project Zero, as well as Hexagonal Thinking, can generate thoughtful analysis and meaningful discussions among students.  When these strategies are implemented, students make more connections, see more perspectives, and become aware of the complexities that will empower them to be better problem-solvers and critical thinkers.
In this 1.5-2 hour session, participants will learn how to plan for a student-directed project in multiple types of settings and grade levels. Free, downloadable resources for planning and executing this Genius Hour (also known as Passion Time, Innovation Time, or 20% Time) will be provided.
This 1.5 – 2 hour session will give participants practical ideas for integrating the Design Thinking process into an existing curriculum so that students can determine when to use this mindset and practice it regularly.
Students love to play games, but they learn even more from designing them! 
During this 2 hour session, learn the key elements of game design and how your students can use Scratch and other free tools to show what they’ve learned while they also develop their growth mindset and problem-solving skills.
In this 1.5-2 hour session, elementary and middle school teachers will learn how they can easily implement coding projects that support their curriculum — even if they don’t know how to code themselves.
Participants will learn how to “flatten” the classroom by collaborating with classrooms around the globe in this 1.5-2 hour session.
There is a plethora of free technology out there that can help teachers to customize learning for student needs. Whether students are academically advanced or struggling with “traditional” skills, learn about tools that will aid them in achieving their goals during this 1.5 – 2 hour session.