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QR Code Countdown – Reward Coupons for Home

Two days ago, I posted a couple of documents with QR codes, which lead to ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.  These codes could be used as a Christmas countdown, Winter Break countdown, or a way to count the days to any other type of celebration.  Yesterday, I posted QR codes to Classroom Coupons.  These coupons do not have to be used in any particular order, and there may be some you don’t wish to use at all.  Again, they could be used for the above purposes.  Or, you could cut them apart and put them on cards in a classroom Treasure Chest, or distribute them as student gifts before the Winter Break.  Another way to use them would be to print out the pages to post on a wall, and cross out each code as it gets used.

For yesterday’s QR codes, I used a site called  I highly recommend it, as it will host your document and provide you with a QR code for it (for free).  You can even download the document with the QR code stamped on it.  HOWEVER, I realized, somewhat late, that my district has blocked this site at the moment – at least through our iDevice network.  So, if you encountered the same problem, I apologize.  I am busy revising that set of docs so that it will lead to a Weebly site, and will try to post the revision later this week.

Today’s QR codes are for parents to use at home.  Personally, I will be using these, along with the Random Acts of Kindness ones, in my daughter’s Christmas countdown calendar.  But, you can pass this along to anyone who might want to use it for their own creative ideas.  There is a Winter theme, but it is secular.  To download, just click on the links below:



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