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Usually my Phun Phriday posts are silly things with possibly little to no educational value that you may or may not want to share with students. However, probably only teachers would thoroughly appreciate the humor of the Love, Teach blog, so I wouldn’t bother showing it to your students or anyone who actually has a life between September and June.  But when you need to lighten up, I would head on over to at least one of the following posts:

“14 Reasons Why I Will Die Alone” – I’m married, which is something that never ceases to amaze me, especially when I can identify with at least 10 of the 14 reasons for potential suitors to avoid me like the plague.  #9 pretty much says it all, “Looking cute is time-consuming, expensive, and I give up.”

My First Day of School Questionnaire” – Forget the standard getting-to-know-you queries like, “What are your hobbies?”  Try asking your students #3 instead, “Which do you feel have a better chance of taking over the world: zombies or pirates? Justify your answer.” The last sentence really makes this a higher-order thinking activity…

“59 Real-Life Thoughts I Had on My First Day Back at In-Service” – After reading the following, I was pretty sure that the author and I are twins separated at birth.

from Love, Teach blog
from Love, Teach blog

I originally found Love, Teach when I was reading a post the anonymous author did on We Are Teachers.  The post is called, “93 Real-Life Thoughts I Had on Back-to-School Night.”  I promise that any teacher who has ever experienced Back-to-School Night will identify with this post – and I dare you not to laugh out loud.  Just try not to choke on your Giant, Bad-Decision-Burger while you’re reading it;)

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