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Where is the TARDIS When You Need It?

Today’s Phun Phriday post is dedicated to my colleague, Angelique Lackey.  Because she makes me laugh.  And she makes fun of the way I call these “Phun Phriday” posts.  And because I want to know if she identifies more with Tina Phey or Amy Phoehler.

I need to go to Comic-Con this year.  But I can’t go to Comic-Con this year.  It just happens to fall on dates on which I have another engagement.  Hence the TARDIS  urgency.

Why do I need to go to Comic-Con this year when I have never attended in my life?

Because I need this:

image from CNN, I guess.  They didn't give credit to anyone for the image
image from CNN, who apparently got it from someone else, but the words are too teeny tiny for me to read. I think it might be Entertainment Earth.  Maybe they will be okay with me using the picture too?  Even better, maybe they will resolve my TARDIS issue and send me a set.

I LOVE these ladies.  They are my superheroes.  And you know they are going to sell out as soon as they are released.  Which will be at Comic-Con.  This year. When I can’t be there.

Of course, I could obtain a TARDIS in the future and then come back to Comic-Con 2015 and snatch up a set.

Because that’s totally what I would do if I had a TARDIS.

Dr. Who really doesn’t know how to have any fun with all that saving the world stuff.

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