Anti-Racism, K-5

PBS KIDS Talk About: Race and Racism

In this week’s anti-racist post, I want to share with you a new 28 minute video from PBS kids called, PBS KIDS Talk About: Race and Racism. There are several ways to view the video, as you will see in the link to the press release. This program is definitely aimed at families and younger viewers, using clips from the PBS animated shows, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, and Arthur. It also includes short discussions between real young children and their parents as they navigate conversations about skin color, being different, and making “good trouble” to stand up for what is unfair. These are not easy topics to cover with any age, but the video shows that discussion is needed and can be done. The children are delightful, exuding wisdom far beyond their years.

This is part of a series of Kids Talk About from PBS. You can find videos from past episodes on their YouTube channel.

Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay

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