Disability Awareness Month

One of my favorite resources, StoryCorps, has created a collection of videos in partnership with the Disability Visibility Project for Disability Awareness Month, this October, 2020. You can find the stories here. Some of the stories are animated, while others are just audio. “Leading the Way” is one of the beautifully illustrated videos in this collection, relating a conversation between a blind/deaf father and one of his children. The daughter asks her father about what he is proud of, and he details learning Braille and teaching it to others, “So if I could help some person, then my living will not be in vain.” From this short interview, it is clear that he can also be proud of the children he raised, including the daughter who pledges, “I’m going to take care of you the best I can” to her 95-year-old father. As this story, and so many others tell us, we should never underestimate the positive impact of a human being,

Photo by Danny Nee on Unsplash

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