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Make Valentine’s Day Inclusive and Culturally Responsive

No matter your own feelings about Valentine’s Day, if you are an educator you know that it is a HUGE day for students of any age. It’s tricky to navigate through this holiday that is ostensibly predicated on love and kindness without someone feeling left out. So I’ve collected a few resources with great suggestions for preparing the best that you can to make this a happy day for your students.

Celebrate Love and Kindness!” by Lindie Johnson recommends several different activities you can do to help students share their own traditions

“Culturally Responsive Teaching: Valentine’s Day in the Classroom” by Jalissa on Lee and Low Books has literature suggestions

“Celebrating Valentine’s Day” from Responsive Classroom suggests emphasizing charity and appreciation to steer away from commercialism and popularity contests

I’ll be adding these to my Valentine’s Day Wakelet as well as my Anti-Racism Wakelet.

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