Example of Stickity being used to differentiate with colors for different groups of students
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Stickity for Schools

Stickity for Schools is an add-on for Google Docs and Google Slides. The name practically says it all, as these are virtual “stickers” that you can add to documents and presentations.

Once you get the add-on, you can open a Google Doc or Google Slide presentation, and you can get your Stickity sidebar by going to your Add-Ons in your menu. In the little gray menu under the Stickity logo, you will see icons to indicate the categories of stickers. Choose from one of the categories, and click on a sticker to add to your slide or doc.

But… there’s more! Stickity is thoughtfully designed to help with accessibility, from the alt text that is provided with each sticker for students using a screen reader to the contrasting colors for students/staff with low vision.

The graphics (some with animations) are designed to support learning by helping students who may have hearing loss or are not proficient in English.

There is even a section of timers that were specifically chosen because they do not have distracting music or make loud noises when time is up!

This is a great tool for teachers who implement Universal Design for Learning, special ed teachers, or anyone who differentiates for multiple needs in their classroom (which pretty much every educator needs to do).

To learn more about the features of Stickity, watch this video.

At the moment, Stickity is free. The website is pretty simple, so I believe that it’s relatively new. That being said, remember that whenever you accept a Google Add-On, you are usually giving permission for a 3rd-party to access your Google Drive. For that reason, you may not be able to access Stickity in some school districts, and you should always be cautious about giving such permissions. Be sure to take a look at their Privacy Policy here.

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