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Edublog Awards

It is time for nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards, which will be accepted through Monday, November 26th.  Now that I’ve been doing this blog for over a year, I feel a little more informed about the great resources that are out there, and I definitely would like to acknowledge some of them.  Just a little blurb from the Edublog Awards site:  “The Edublog Awards is a community based initiative started in 2004 in response to community concerns relating to how schools, districts and educational institutions were blocking access of learner and teacher blog sites for educational purposes.  The purpose of the Edublog awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media.”

I loved accessing the Winners List from 2011 earlier this year, which gave me a goldmine of educational sites and social media to which I could refer for ideas.  Visiting these links made me truly realize the wealth of knowledge and creativity that is available on the internet for the educational community.

If you are interested in making your own nominations, or just taking a look at past winners, you can access them from this link.

I don’t have nominations for all of the categories, but here are the ones that I access regularly (a couple of them are repeats from last year’s Winners List, but they are so good!) :

Best individual blog –

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog –

Best teacher blog –

Best free web tool – (also an app now!)

Best mobile app –

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