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Socratic Circles

photo credit: GlacierGuyMT via photopin cc
photo credit: GlacierGuyMT via photopin cc

UPDATE 10/10/2022: It looks like the original Socratic Circle link I have below is no longer available, but I believe you can see the information that was included if you visit this link.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned using “Socratic Dialogue” to discuss some of the statements made about creativity in an article from PsychCentral.com.  It occurred to me that this may not be a familiar phrase to some who read this blog, so I dug into some of my resources to find a good explanation of this process.  “The Socratic Circle” describes one way that such a discussion could be conducted in the classroom.  There are other methods for Socratic Dialogues, but I think this one gives a very good breakdown of the way it works.  You can also refer to a previous post I have done, called, “Socratic Questions“, which has a link to a great resource of queries that can lead to deeper conversations.

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  1. Terri, I got to this site by looking at one of your latest posts… and there’s a link on here I’d really like to see, but it looks like it’s not working anymore. Can you let me know where this “The Socratic Circle” site might be now? I’d love to see how someone else describes it – I’ve seen a few versions out there, and I’m still tweaking my own. Thank you!

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