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Illuminating Lessons on Creativity

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams (1957 – ____) US cartoonist, author
The Dilbert Principle

There are many misconceptions about creativity, I’ve found, and one of them is that creativity can only result in perfection.  The article, “9 Illuminating Lessons on Creativity”, by Margarita Tartakovsky at, dispels this myth and a few other common ones.  I often talk about creativity with my students, but I don’t recall having an in-depth conversation with them about the process – other than the importance of brainstorming and trying to be “different”.  It would be interesting to initiate a Socratic Dialogue with my older students about some of these statements, such as, “Everyone is creative.”  Is creativity an inherent talent in a select few, or a potential in all of us?  This article may make you question your own perception of creativity.

by Sean MacEntee

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