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Museum Dance Off 2

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t know there was a Museum Dance Off 1.  But I didn’t start watching Big Bang Theory until last year – so that tells you how caught up I am on pop culture.

I got a whole new perspective on museum employees just by reading the rules for this Dance Off.  I had no idea they could be so, well, playful. But now I am tempted to apply for a job at a museum after learning what really happens behind the scenes.

Screen Shot from First Division Museum's Dance Off 2 Submission
Screen Shot from First Division Museum’s Dance Off 2 Submission

You can see Dance Off submissions from museums all around the world here.

One of my favorite entries in this year’s contest is the one below from the Fine Arts Zanazabar Museum in Mongolia.  In my opinion, they chose The. Perfect. Song.  (to be sung in a museum, I mean)

Happy Phun Phriday!

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