How I Learned to Fly

999This was the message WordPress gave me when I published yesterday’s post.  I almost missed it.

Now, I’m not always the best mathematician in the room, but I think that means this is my 1000th blog post.

I feel like I should do something special to commemorate this occasion, but then I also feel like it’s just a number that happens to have a lot of zeros and a 1 in it.

I Googled, “how to celebrate your 1000th blog post,” and there was, surprisingly, a lot of advice on this.

I didn’t really like any of it.

But then I Googled, “1000,” just to see what I would get.

I found this video of 1000 musicians in Italy performing the song, “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters.*  The musicians were hoping to “woo the Foo” to perform there.


Playing  and singing one song.

Very well.

That seems like a pretty big feat and a somewhat larger accomplishment than 1000 blog posts.

I’ve heard the original song a million times, but never really thought about what it meant.  When I looked at the lyrics, I still wasn’t sure.  So I Googled, “what does foo fighters learn to fly mean?”

Apparently, Dave Grohl, the lead singer once said, “It’s about the search for some sort of inspiration, the search for signs of life that will make you feel alive.”  (He also said it was one of his least favorite songs on the record, but let’s not dwell on that.)

I started this blog because when I was searching for inspiration and found it, I wanted to share it with others.  As an unintended consequence, I have found so much “life” out there – so many people who feel the same passion for teaching that I do.  You make me feel alive.

And the video?  That is a true metaphor for what I have learned through blogging, Twitter, and my colleagues near and far – that collaboration can make some amazingly beautiful music.

Thanks for all of your ideas, advice, comments, and connections. You are the ones who have taught me to fly.

Here’s to another 1000 posts!

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* Be forewarned that there is an inappropriate word spoken when the song is over and the musician begins speaking.




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