I Never Thought that What I Did Was a Gift

As many teachers and administrators start trickling back to school this month, and we sigh at the alarm clock’s ridiculous early hour intrusion, it may do us all some good to be reminded of why we do what we do.

Albert Siedelecki working with his students
Albert Siedlecki working with his students

In this video from 2009, Albert Siedlecki receives a surprise phone call from one of his former students from the 1980’s, Lee Buono.  Siedlecki’s reaction to Buono’s words of gratitude was to say, “I never thought that what I did was a gift. Teach.  But that’s what it is.” Teachers rarely get the chance to learn of their long-reaching impact, and this video is a wonderful tribute to those men and women who make a positive difference.

For more Inspirational Videos for Teachers, check out my top faves here.

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