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The value of social networking never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday, I tweeted the blog post I had shared about the Hopscotch Snowflake tutorial.  I received a reply from an educator in Maryland, @mrdulberger, inviting anyone interested to attend a webinar today called “Coding in the Class.”

The webinar will be hosted by the students in Mr. Dulberger’s 5th grade class and Liza Conrad from Hopscotch.  It will be at 1:30 EST today, December 10th.  If you are unable to tune in, the recording will be archived.  Here is the link to more information.

At the very least, you should show your students the trailers for the webinar.  Created by Mr. Dulberger’s students, the short commercials display a multitude of ways that Hopscotch can be used to enhance core curriculum.  Here are the links to Commercial #1 and Commercial #2.

Hopscotch Angles
A student demonstrates how she used Hopscotch to make a game about measuring angles.



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