Top 10 Myths in Gifted Education

Even though I teach elementary gifted students, I consider myself an advocate for all students.  When I brainstormed titles for this blog many years ago, I chose, “Engage Their Minds,” because I believe all students have a right to learn through lessons that are exciting and relevant to their lives.  That being said, it bothers me that students who are identified as gifted sometimes don’t receive a lot of support because they are perceived to need less help – and this is certainly not the case.

I ran across this video while researching an upcoming presentation I will be doing.  Here are some gifted kids speaking out about the myths that have unfortunately impacted their educational careers. Hopefully, sharing this will help to dispel some of those myths.

The Faces of Gifted Students
The Faces of Gifted Students Who Want You to Know Their Truths

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Myths in Gifted Education

  1. This is one of my pet peeves too. I was actually in a training this summer where the teachers were justifying having the GT kids help all the other kids because it’s “peer tutoring”. *sigh* I also believe everyone deserves to learn something new every day. Thank you for advocating for those kiddos!

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