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How to Talk to Parents

This morning, Edutopia published my post, “New Teachers: How to Talk to Parents.”  I feel uncomfortable giving advice on anything because I certainly don’t consider myself an expert.  Even after 26 years of teaching, I know that I have a lot to learn.  But I have a few Oprah-ish, What-I-Know-For-Sure truths that I have collected throughout my career – and I can tell you that I Know For Sure that developing a positive relationship with the parents of my students goes a long way toward developing a positive relationship with the students.

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2 thoughts on “How to Talk to Parents”

  1. Look at you-this is so awesome! Great advice, as always. Parent communication is something I also feel like I’ve gotten better at over the years. I had a particularly difficult set of parents one year and I had an admin who said -well, look at how you can do better. And as I reflected, I sure did find ways to make those connections more effectively.

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