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18 Lessons To Try in 2018

Okay people.  If you don’t follow Laura Moore (@LearnMooreStuff), you are truly missing out on some incredible resources.  Just do a search for her on my site and you will see how much I’ve learned from her over the years.  Oh, wait.  You don’t have to.  Here is a link to the search.  The woman is a tech integration POWERHOUSE!  (Yes, I did it.  I used all caps.  Just like her favorite person.  But, unlike that person, Laura Moore is GREAT!)

Laura recently posted a ThingLink on her blog with 18 lesson suggestions for 2018.  Seriously, you have a plethora of great learning activities at your fingertips.  Click on any icon to uncover a treasure to try.  Laura’s site was recently recommended in the list of top 12 Fabulous EdTech Sites to Follow by Eric Curts.  And, as if that isn’t enough, check out her other site, Rock the Lab, which is awesome for so many reasons not the least of which is STAR WARS!



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