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Chronicles of COVID-19, Part 3

If you haven’t seen the updates that I’ve made to this post, please check it out.  There have been some difficulties out there in accessing the COVID-19 Diary that I shared.  I think I inadvertently turned off editing when I tried to fix them, but I’ve turned it back on.  Unfortunately, you may still have issues if your district blocks access.

Here are two more entries from Our COVID-19 Diary by Kids Around the World.  It looks like a lot of contributors own cats, and all of them, so far, have pets!  Hmm… I’m already seeing lots of math possibilities with this project as more people add to it – graphing pet numbers, mapping locations, etc…

If you haven’t shared the Diary with your students and asked them to add to it, please do!  I would like to make this as globally inclusive as possibly.  (Did I just make up a new phrase?  I’ll have to Google that…)

Our COVID-19 Diary from Kids Around the World (9)


Our COVID-19 Diary from Kids Around the World (10)

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  1. Hi there! I am Ms. Nitzsche, and I am planning on adding to the slide show today (in about 15 minutes) from Warren/Hunterdon County, NJ with my Reading and Writing Rebels Club members. These students range from 4th – 6th grades. Thanks for creating this neat way to inspire students to get their voices heard for these strange and uneasy times!

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