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Vote By Design

If you are looking for non-partisan resources about voting to use for secondary, college students, and adults, you should definitely take a look at the Vote by Design site created by a team of educators at the Stanford d.school. The site provides free materials that include lesson plans and interactive workbooks for students, as well as a Nearpod experience. By framing the conversation around the responsibilities of the president, this 45-90 minute activity guides the participants to consider, “What are the leadership qualities best suited to this job?” instead of, “Which candidate do you like more?”

You can find downloads for the free materials here, including videos to help guide you in facilitating the session. Additional resources, including a link to one of my favorites, iCivics, are on this page. For more information about the origins of Vote by Design, and the logistics of using it with your students, you can visit their FAQ page.

Statistics show that nearly half of the eligible voters did not vote in our last presidential election in 2016. Due to their age, most high school students won’t be able to vote this year. However, we have the opportunity to encourage them to take advantage of this hard won American right in their future.

Photo by Noah Pederson on Unsplash

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