Transnormal Tuesday

My blog stats usually go down during holiday weeks, which is wonderful, in my opinion. It’s great that many educators are taking time for themselves, for family, for friends. Some people continue to read, though. In this case, some readers may be from other countries so it’s not a holiday week for them. Or, maybe you are like me, and you just have a hard time shutting off that continuous search for something to spark student interest – the Holy Grail of teaching.

Regardless of your reasons for clicking on today’s link, I decided to depart from my usual passionate description of an amazing resource, and sprinkle today’s post with some of the funny tweets I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks. I keep a Wakelet of these that I turn to whenever I’m feeling a bit low. (I would share the link with you, but some of them are a bit inappropriate.) It’s possible that they are not as funny to you as they are to me, but I hope at least a few of them elicit a smile and take you away from your troubles for a bit.

Follow @gerrydee if you like this one (H/T to @courosa for sharing):

My daughter and I share a love for bad puns, so this one got me:

Follow @EstherThePig for delightful videos of a fashionable pig. And videos like this:

The dumbest way I ever hurt myself was when I tried to take a bathroom mirror (half the wall) out by myself as a surprise for my husband, and ended up breaking the mirror in half with one half stabbing me in the hand. The “surprise” he got was me calling him at work to take me to the ER. Read this thread for even more ridiculous ways people have injured themselves. I had tears rolling down my face.

I had to read this one twice, and then laughed at the brilliance.

This is exactly the type of joke my GT kids would love.

This is so relatable if you have ever owned a bulldog. (I’ve had two.)

I love national parks, but I’ve got to admit these are pretty funny.

And now I’m laughing so hard as I go through the rest of my saved tweets that I can barely type so I will leave you with just one more. This is me whenever I try something new:

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