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Pies by Inspired to Taste

In the United States we will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. One of the traditional desserts served is pie. Of course that means I will be making an oreo cheesecake. Because that’s how I roll. Also because I saw this article in My Modern Met and realized that I had been doing pies all wrong. I wish I could post the pictures of these pies on here, but even the rebellious part of me likes to observe copyright laws. If you just want to skip the article and go straight to the pictures, here is Liz Joy’s pie portfolio. I would love to have students look at these pictures, and have them design their own pie decor. I can’t imagine eating any of Joy’s masterpieces, but people generally say that the same thing about what I prepare – minus the “masterpiece” part, and for a different reason.

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  1. Watch this CBS morning story when I saw it I thought I need to show this during geometry unit and have my students make their own designs following. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for your blog posts!

    Stacy Anderson
    Gifted and Talented Teacher
    Lewis and Clark Elementary

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