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Get your Schitt Together

I am currently attending the TCEA Virtual Convention, so I plan to share a little about what I’ve learned in each post this week.

As I was wading through Tweets about TCEA last night looking for guidance on which On-Demand sessions I needed to add to my itinerary, I ran across this hashtag: #IdeaSchittHappens.

I should mention that I’m a Schitt’s Creek convert – someone who tried watching the show, gave up, then tried watching again because people kept nagging me about it, and fell in love. Now I nag others.

So it was only natural for me to try to find out what was going on when I saw that hashtag, and that’s when I found out about a session called, “Rose to the Occasion: Shifting to a Coaching Culture.” (If you don’t recognize the pun, then you obviously have not been converted and may find this post makes little sense to you. Watch all of Season 4, and come back here. I’ll wait.)

The great team of Emily Coklan (@TechCoachEm), Suzanne Weider (@Teachtech95), Casey Veitch (@Cveitcher), Matt Marston, Dana Ladenburger (@dladenburger), and Jenni LaBrie (@jennilabrie) presented a delightful and meaningful session that made excellent analogous connections between Schitt’s Creek and educational coaching. As is often the case when it comes to good coaching, the insights are applicable to teaching and any type of leadership as well.

I enjoyed and took notes throughout their presentation, but I asked Casey Veitch if I could share one of the slides that I thought was pretty powerful. The archetypes in Schitt’s Creek are fairly straightforward, and the team developed coaching questions that might be most helpful with each of the characters based on their personalities. Though “real” people are more multi-faceted, this table of suggestions can help those in guiding roles target some of the immediate needs being displayed. (If you want to find out your own Schitt’s Creek personality, here is a quiz for you.)

from “Wading Through Schitt,” presented at TCEA 2021 by Emily Coklan (@TechCoachEm), Suzanne Weider (@Teachtech95), Casey Veitch (@Cveitcher), Matt Marston, Dana Ladenburger (@dladenburger), and Jenni LaBrie (@jennilabrie)

If you can watch the TCEA session, I think you will definitely find it worth your while. You can also go to The GroundED Learners Guild to listen to some podcasts by three members of the team. And if there is a way to get this group to your school or district to present, even more people can benefit from their wisdom.

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