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Virtual Vacation

UPDATE 7/1/2021: Esther Park has a free template you can use for this game — go to this link and look for the “Travel Around the World” template

In honor of the many Texas teachers I know who are on their well-deserved Spring Break this week, and in honor of the many teachers I know who still have some time to go before they get a vacation, here is a frustrating but fun activity to do that will test your geographical and observational skills. City Guesser debuted in 2020, and was inspired by Geo Guessr. To be honest, I haven’t compared the two to see the exact differences as I got a bit distracted when I started trying to identify places in the United States. When you choose a category, you will be shown a random video from a place, and you guess the location by clicking on a map. I am woefully terrible at this game, but I still enjoy trying to beat my own horrible scores. If you want to try, here are some things the game-designer, Paul McBurney Jr., suggests looking out for:

There are different modes and challenges, and you can also do multi-player games. So, the next time you need to visit somewhere outside your pandemic bubble, give City Guesser a try!

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