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Though this isn’t a resource for elementary or middle school, I could see high school students using this site. In addition, teachers who are looking for books that meet certain criteria (whether for their own personal use or as part of the curriculum) will definitely find Whichbook to be beneficial. Structured a bit differently than sites like NPR’s Book Concierge, Whichbook has several ways to discover new books such as with an interactive World Map and by Character and Plot. My favorite is by Mood and Emotion (a feature I wish the streaming video sites would also employ)! You can choose up to 4 sliders on the Mood and Emotion page to help you get recommendations that will surely include at least one or two that will suit your current frame of mind. Once you decide on a book, you can then choose if you would like to borrow or buy it, which is another nifty feature I like. You can learn more about Whichbook here.

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